Answers to Frequently Asked Questions to BCCA.

1. Where is the Academy Located:

Academy is located at Sombare Hatt. We are on the next road to Araniko +2 or Opposite road to Chief Minister office Province no 1.

Our google map location is:

2. Who is the Coach:

Legendary Nepali International Spinner, Raj Kumar Pradhan is the Head Coach of the Biratnagar Cricket Club and Academy ( BCCA).

3. Why BCCA ?

BCCA is operated by team members who have cricket training and playing experience in Australia and UK and academy has experienced coaches. BCCA offers the best cricketing facility in Province 1. 

4.. Do you Have Registration Fee and a monthly fee?

Yes, Registration Fee is 2000 and Monthly Fee is 1200.

5. Is the Registration Fee and monthly fee for girls the same ?

To Promote Girls Cricket we have different Charges. Registration 1500 and monthly 600.

6. What do I get after Registration.

You will receive a BCCA Training dress, BCCA Cap and BCCA ID card after you pay the registration fee.

7. What are the Training Timings?

At present we are running two sessions, 6 days a week. In addition, Video analysis of the players will also be conducted as per the coach’s recommendation. 

Morning: 6:30-8:30 A.M.

Afternoon: 4:00- 6:00 P.M.

8. Do I get to train with Bowling Machine.

Yes, our academy members will get two batting sessions with Bowling Machine every month or as per coach’s recommendation.

9. Will there be any other training session time?

At Moment, we are planning to extend the 8:30-10:30 and Night session under lights.

10. I am interested in joining the academy, but i can not travel daily to Biratnagar. Do you have Saturday only sessions?

At the moment, we do not have Saturday sessions. After many requests BCCA management is planning to consider Saturday only sessions. Registration Charge will be 2000 and monthly 500, which includes one session with a Bowling machine.

11. Is there any playing opportunity at state/national level?

We do promote talented cricketers. Your selection will be performance based in Morang District Cricket Association division league and later you might get a chance in District,  Province and National team. 

12. I’m not from Nepal, can I join? Are there any changes in fees or any other facilities provided for foreign trainees?

The admission is open to everyone. There will not be any change in fees structure. We have few trainees from India. 

13. What are things included in a session?

The sessions include all aspects of the game – fielding, fitness, bowling, Batting & match practice.

14. Are the students required to carry their own kit & other gear?

Students are highly encouraged to bring their own kit. You can also purchase them at the cricket shop Nepal. 

15. What is the dress code during practice?

You have to wear a BCCA Uniform during practice. One set of uniforms will be provided after admission.

16. Are mobile & laptop allowed within the Academy?

You can carry a mobile & laptop but we are not responsible for your belongings.

17. Will we have a special coaching session?

BCCA aims to provide special coaching sessions and tips from Nepali national and international Coaches and players.

18. What kind of balls do we use for practice?

Deuce balls, Lawn tennis ball, plastic ball and bowling machine balls are used for training. Tape ball is used for the swing.

19. Is there any contact number where we can contact for further information.

Please Contact , Ashis Shrestha, President of BCCA at 9841451667 and 9811061177

20. Is there any particular time to take admission in a year or can I join anytime?

You can join anytime, but we have a quota of 100 trainees only.

21. I am Young, can i please bring my parents with me.

We encourage you to bring your parents with you but are requested to be in the visitors zone only. 

22. Do You have any age limit:

There is not any age criteria as to what age level any cricketer can continue playing cricket .It all depends on his performance and his desire to play cricket.

23 Will we have match Practices?

BCCA intends to provide 2 matches per month to its students.

24. Will we have any yearly tours?

We plan to arrange one national and one international tour yearly and also intend to invite 2 teams per year to play bilateral series with the BCCA team. Last year we had a team from Kathmandu touring us and our team visited to Purnea, India. 

25. Do BCCA have Hostel facilities?

No, we do not have Hostel Facility but are working to build a partnership with the hostel, where you might get a discount if you are a player at BCCA.

26 When do I need to pay monthly dues.

Monthly dues should be paid by 1st week of each month.

27 Do you have any net session to non registered members, If yes, what are the charges?

Considering the request of the non-registered members, we have arranged a net session and it will be on off-peak time. Prior booking is required.

i.e 11 AM- 2:00 P.M and 6:00PM-8:00 P.M.

Chargers are :

Per Hour Net : 500 ( Max 4 people)

Per Hour Net with Bowling Machine : 1000 ( Max 4 People) Bowling machine for 30 mins and Balls will be provided for bowling machines only.

For a team of 14:

Per Hour Net: 2000 ( Max 14 People)

Per Hour Net with Bowling Machine 2500 ( Max 14 People) Balls will be provided for bowling machines only.

We have different rates for non members’ booking for more than 3 days. Please contact BCCA management for the details.

28. Does BCCA have a Traineeship facility?

Sorry we do not have any Traineeship facility at present, but we intend to provide scholarships to girls, amazing talent and students from socio-economically disadvantaged families and marginal communities in near future.